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Electrical Services


Our comprehensive service offering for substations and switchgear include a wide assortment of capabilities.  From emergency response to maintenance and testing to turnkey change-out projects, we can manage the life-cycle of your entire power system.


Should your low voltage circuit breakers require service that exceeds our normal field service scope, we offer comprehensive recondition and retrofit services at all of our facilities.  Our circuit breaker service offerings provide you with a single source supplier capable of handling all of your breaker needs.

MV Breaker

Your medium and high voltage circuit breakers are critical protective elements for your entire power system?  If you work with us we can provide full reconditioning services that will restore your breaker to like new - saving you time, money and expensive downtime.  


Transformers are some of the most expensive assets in your facility, often insured for millions of dollars.  We offer comprehensive services to maintain these assets and address potential issues before you experience catastrophic failures and expensive unplanned outages.

ABB 3-phase Power Relay

Protective relays require specialized skills and test equipment.  We have both the expertise and the equipment to solve your protective relay maintenance and repair issues.  Our teams of technicians can consistently provide the maintenance and testing that is critical to the operation of these units.  They are also able to provide repair solutions when the need arises.

 Lightning Arrestor

With such a wide variety of devices in your switchgear and substations, you need to know that your service provider can quickly identify the problem and provide quick repairs or appropriate replacement parts to restore the integrity of your system.  We can service motor control centers, starters, drives, contactors, switches, disconnects, bus, cables, batteries, and other electrical devices in your power system.

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